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Conception, pregnancy, birth & early infancy

I am passionate about ensuring that women receive the right kind of support for physical and emotional health throughout pregnancy. I offer one to one support from beginning to end of early infancy. I welcome women and partners at any time through the transition to parenthood. Including work around fertility and conscious conception, throughout pregnancy, preparing for birth and early days of infancy. I also work with mothers and partners who have already experienced pregnancy or birth and are choosing to to seek an attendant to complement medical care.My gentle and nurturing approach offers emotional support and encouragement. I am able to support women to attune to the needs of their changing body and develop greater confidence and resilience leading towards birth and motherhood.Whether you are interested in a pregnancy circle, retreat, or would like to work with me as your doula, I am able to provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need not only during labor, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as well. I create a individual plan based on the personal needs of each mother and family.



Why I’m a Sacred Birth Doula

Conceiving a child is a profoundly important transition for a woman. Hopes , expectations  and fears and linked with our exposure to pregnancy and birth in our own culture and society. Women's experience of pregnancy and birth is different across the world and in Western society the  advance of science and medicine has dominated approaches to pregnancy and birth which have evolved over the years to become an increasingly medicalised process. Unfortunately the attentive, well attuned individual care and emotional support that women need is not always available or is inconsistent. is the wisdom and care from elders I strongly believe women in pregnancy childbirth and motherhood need to be listened to understood and put at the centre of care for improved outcomes in physical and mental health. I also believe that providing women with the right information and knowledge can empower women to ask questions and make decisions that give them control. I follow an holistic approach as I think it is important for pregnancy and childbirth education to  integrate the wisdom of our elders and ancestors rather than a narrow focus upon modern medicine. 
Given the right kind of support women  feel empowered, in control and confident through the process of becoming a mother. I see every pregnancy and birth as a process of creation that offers an opportunity for women to become more connected to their body and it's power. I feel honoured to be a companion and to contribute my expertise to women on their journey into motherhood. My services are available to women in Cheltenham, North Cotswolds, Wychavon and Malvern areas



What I Do


Pregnancy Circle

Women from conception to birth

Regular 9 week pregnancy circle with like minded women. Emotional support, sharing information and wisdom to support you on your journey.

Fridays 11.30am-1pm 

Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre

Nine week block begins Friday 2nd November.

Please book in advance.

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Prenatal Visits, birth doula, postnatal

Nurturing practical and emotional support & wisdom

After beginning our relationship with a meet and greet, I can understand more about what you need. We can discuss the the level of support that you would like from me and consider the range of  Nine Moon Mamma services I have to offer before you chose a  plan to support you through pregnancy and birth.

Hand on Bump

Early Infancy Support

Beyond birth

One to one practical and emotional support

Newborn Baby with Mom

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Compassionate bereavement support & trauma debrief

One to one support

Creative arts therapy workshops

Healing ceremonies 

Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre

Arts therapy workshops £25

9th October 10-11.30am

12th October 11.30am-1pm 1.30pm -3pm

Arts therapy day retreat  &  ceremony of light.

Stanton Guildhouse, Nr Broadway, Cotswolds.

Monday 15th October 3-8pm £65

Limited spaces Advance booking only

Please call 07971 675432  to book in advance.


Nine Moon Mamma Retreat

Nurturing You

Some space and time out to focus upon nourishing your body, mind and soul during your pregnancy.
All you minded support, a circle of women, holistic therapies, arts, relaxation and gentle exercise in the comfort of a manor house venue nestled in the natural beauty of the Cotswold Hills.


Contact me to learn more about all of the services that I offer.

Newborn Baby


Nine Moon Mammas, 

07971 675432


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